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[ a wavering thread of blue ]
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Dragon's Line - Nursery songs 
3rd-Aug-2006 03:01 am
yugito | feline charms
Spring! Winter! Summer! Fall!
Mother, come sit with me on the wall -
Next morning fair Clovis is set to hang
for poor little Janey, found dead in the lane.

Eyes of white and water green, the past is all an unreal dream.

These little ditties actually are good for something: in my mind they're nursery songs which were sung to Miune, Kilette, Mair and Latimer... pretty much everyone. The first, at least, is probably a teaching song: the lesson being don't be beguiled by a pretty face. Note the way the villian, sort of, of the story is named as fair - and little Janey's fate.
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